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Priority from the right (sometimes). A reminder of the confusing and dangerous traffic from the right priority. As a rule STOP/GIVE WAY road signs and white road markings are quite comprehensive at junctions on the right. Here's the rub, logic and safety does not appear to apply; some junctions will and some will not have priority and be sign posted. At any junction or crossroads do please drive defensively especially in rural areas.

Option 1. Either from Toulouse, or Albi via motorway A68. Exit (sortie) 9 to GAILLAC and MONTAUBAN, the D968. (NB. Ignore incorrect Sat Nav directions to exit J11, also see a 'Leclerc fuel only' station on your left as you exit at J9). If fuel not required take the GAILLAC and MONTAUBAN D968, 1st exit. At the next small roundabout head straight on (second exit). As you approach the next large roundabout you will see Leclerc supermarche on your right (open lunchtime and until 8:30pm on Saturday), take the second exit D999 toward MONTAUBAN. After a few miles at the next roundabout (landmark is a church 100m from the roundabout), take the first exit right onto the D18 to CASTELNAU and CORDES. Stay on the D18 (at a roundabout you will cross the D964 to ALBI and CORDES). Still on the D18 you will shortly arrive at another roundabout. Continue on the D18 to ALBI and SENOUILLAC. Just a few yards later turn left on the D3 to SENOUILLAC. The D3 will take you almost all the way to Le Jouvenal after aprox. 7 miles. On the D3 you will see signs for SENOUILLAC, CESTAYROLS and VILLENEUVE-sur-VERE. After a mile SLOW to pass through automatic railway gates (bumpy). Bear left up the hill past SENOUILLAC and church on your right, followed by a water tower. The pretty rural road passes through vineyards and farmland. You will arrive at a 'T' junction and CESTAYROLS, turn right on the D1 for a few hundred yards then bear left to VILLENEUVE sur VERE 3.5km. As you approach us after a few miles over the brow of a hill, in the distance to the left you will see a GREEN and YELLOW distillery set back from the road (NB. Summer 2012 ignore the Deviation sign at the crossroads drive around the partial barrier), then passing 'La Cazzotes' sign, you will see on the right a road sign 'bends for 1600m', now SIGNAL right. After a very short distance turn right up the narrow access road to LE JOUVENAL. (Perversely the sign is painted on the other side). Now see Le Jouvenal entrance below

Option 2. Non-motorway from Cordes or Albi on the D600 (ALBI to CORDES sur CIEL). On leaving Cordes (toward Albi) on your right see a SPAR mini supermarket. From Cordes turn right after 5 miles to VILLENEUVE SUR VERE, or, from Albi (toward Cordes sur Ciel) turn left after 6 miles to VILLENEUVE SUR VERE. Very soon at VILLENEUVE SUR VERE, follow directions to the D3 and GAILLAC, past the village shop then church on your right. Proceed down the hill at the bottom bear right up the hill, after 200 yards as you bear left, the signpost for LE JOUVENAL is on your left. We suggest pulling into the road on your right, check the road is clear before a tight turn left up our sloping narrow access road. Le Jouvenal entrance: you will pass a sandy coloured house on the left. A further 100 yards on your left 'you have arrived' at a stone wall, with double green gates to The Barn. You will see the swimming pool (see photo top right). Immediately to the right of the gates and wall, on the adjacent building wall is our intercom. Press the button once, you will hear a regular tone, it may take just a few moments for us to respond or appear so please wait by the gates (which will be locked: swimming pool safety law). Kay or Paul will appear to welcome you. (If we don't appear immediately please don't be concerned it takes a few moments to walk to The Barn from the house.)

From Toulouse Blagnac airport: (1hr) to leave the airport take the green TOULOUSE signs then immediately you will be on the motorway/periphique. Stay in the right hand lane, you will very quickly see signs for ALBI, the first sign partially hidden by bushes, however another ALBI sign arrives soon after, now refer to Option 1 above. NB: you will need 1.40 euros for the ALBI peage.

Other airport drive times: Rodez (70 mins), Carcassone (2.5 hrs), Bordeaux (3 hrs).

Bienvenue et bonne vacance

barn@lejouvenal.com +33 (0)5 63 53 90 69